Every season we offer paid workshops, taught by experienced instructors as well as volunteers to do engaging, FREE public demonstrations . These workshops should coincide with our mission of engaging the community in social arts practice as well as being non-toxic.

All time slots are: between 10am and 5pm Wed-Sat, or 6pm-9pm Wed-Fri. No Sun, Mon, or Tue classes. Also, please avoid all major holidays & holiday weekends.

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Requested Instructor fee *
This should be all-inclusive: we will not be paying separately for mileage
Materials Fees *
Frontline Arts has many materials available for the use of all members and faculty. Proposed additional inks, modifiers, and equipment may be purchased if they are necessary to the technique instructed. Please see a comprehensive list of materials/equipment provided by FA on our facilities page (under Print Studio) and formulate the needs for each proposed class. This should include inks, paper, plates, brayers/rollers, etc, as well as additional needs specific to the course. From this list, FA will determine the materials supplied/purchased by the studio, as well as those to be purchased by the students. A material fee, calculated by FA, will be added to each course.
The course description should include not only techniques taught, but also the goal of the class; this may entail skills learned, work produced, etc.
Frontline Arts typically runs one class per day, Wednesday through Saturday. We request your proposal include 3 available dates and times (refer to dates listed above). If your proposal is accepted, your class will be scheduled for any or all of these dates. Please note if your proposed class warrants multiple days of instruction (consecutive or weekly).
A comprehensive list of materials should encompass ALL of the needs of your course. FA will determine what will need to be purchased, either by the organization or the students, to suit the needs of your proposal. FA will then calculate the material fee charged of the students. *If there is a specific material that FA needs to purchase online or through the instructor, please list material description complete with URL to source and current prices. DETAILED PER STUDENT. And please detail WHAT STUDENTS SHOULD BRING/HOW TO PREPARE
Refer to our Facilities Page under Print Studio to see what equipment we have available
CV, Bio Image and Class Images *
IMPORTANT: You now need to submit additional files: Your current CV (PDF or Word); a Bio Image (of you/you at work/your work), jpg/png 72dpi AND an Image for each proposed class, jpg/png 72dpi. Please email these files immediately to rachel@frontlinearts.org