Our Goal: $5,000

Our Deadline: June 30, 2019

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Every single Sunday, our studios are open from 12-4pm offering FREE workshops FOR ALL VETERANS. We've welcomed hundreds of veterans in the last 8 years since the program launched, connecting their military experiences to each other as well as to the public, by sharing their unique stories.

Our Veteran Artist Instructors are in the studio every week, assisting the regular crew with their ongoing projects, while also welcoming new faces to the group. Newcomers can expect a heartfelt welcome from the regulars, along with a full studio tour, detailed papermaking demonstration, and a view of finished Frontline Paper works. They are also provided with FREE handmade military paper in a variety of sizes, shared print and papermaking supplies, equipment, and the workspace in the studios to get started on their own project.


Our dedicated Studio Papermaker, Walt Nygard, Marine Corps veteran, takes a leading role on Sundays, explaining the program while also listening to the stories and needs of the veterans in our community. Walt helps ensure every veteran has the materials they need to work on their projects, including every size sheet of handmade military paper and fresh batches of unique pulp for those looking to create artwork on their own personal sheets of military papers. 

On a weekly basis, Walt is masterfully at work in the studios, crafting buckets of pulp from military uniforms in preparation for these uniquely demanding Sundays. He calculates the programs' upcoming needs by creating pounds of symbolic pulp, pulling sheets with great skill, and pressing them in our hydraulic press to dry flat, under pressure for several days in our dryboxes.

The process takes hours upon hours each week, and without this preparation and these supplies, we would not be able to offer free programming for the growing number of veterans we serve.

We feel strongly that our Sunday Open Workshops MUST REMAIN FREE for all veterans, who would otherwise be unable to afford the instruction or costly equipment and supplies for this incredibly unique program. 

This is a CORE VALUE of Frontline Paper, though keeping up all costs of the program is a challenge for us as a small non-profit.

We can't do it alone. 

We're asking for your help to ensure the program always remains free for veterans.

Will you make a donation today to help us reach our goal of $5,000 and make a REAL DIFFERENCE for Veterans?