Migration Across Frontlines and Borderlines

A Series of Poetry, Paper-Making, and Printmaking Workshops for Veterans, Latinx Poets, and Dreamers


Inspired by the Poetry Coalition and Canto Mundo’s shared programming, "Because We Come from Everything: Poetry and Migration,” CantoMundo, Frontline Arts, Mobile Print Power, and the Bronx Museum's "Bronx Speaks" will come together to inaugurate this series of workshops for Dreamers, Veteran artists and Latinx poets that will result in a traveling visual art exhibition to showcase shared struggles and experiences across borders.  

Our Shared Process & Outcomes:

"Migration" will consist of 3 consecutive weekend workshops in papermaking and printmaking, 2 poetry workshops, one public-participatory presentation, 3 studio sessions in letterpress and edition-ing, and cross-border collaboration - bringing together multiple communities to talk, make art about their experiences, and find commonalities of migration.


The project began Saturday, August 11, 2018.

After 3 workshops in the South Bronx throughout August of 2018, our first phase of Veterans and Immigrants making paper and prints together, we are discovering an over-arching theme of loss between two cultures; both very different, yet with threads of similarity connecting the two. Our shared materials, narratives, and transformation through mobile participatory artmaking workshops is uncovering a commonality between two cultures, building solidarity and community.


Community Presentation and Exhibition on
Friday, September 21, 6 p.m. at La Morada,
308 Willis Ave., South Bronx, New York

To keep participants information safe, we will not share participant names

nor publish participant images without written consent.