Frontline Arts has fully equipped studios for printmaking in intaglio, relief, screen printing, digital and letterpress, as well as papermaking and book arts. If you would like to rent our studios, see details here. If you are interested in learning a technique, Technical Assistance is available by appointment, and Classes are also available throughout the year. For more information or to arrange for individual training, contact us.

An image of someone’s workspace at the Frontline Arts studio

An image of someone’s workspace at the Frontline Arts studio

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  • Charles Brand Etching Press, 30”x50” with blankets

  • Charles Brand Etching Press, 36”x60” with blankets

  • 18×24″ Vertical etching tank for copper plates (Ferric Chloride)

  • Various etching trays for zinc, aluminum and steel (Saline Sulfate)

  • Photopolymer exposure unit 12"x16"

  • 24" x 36" Hotplate

  • Portable Inking Slabs 18×24”- 24×48”

  • Multi-use Inking Table, 60”x90”

  • Viscosity/Editioning Rollers 18”

  • Brayers and Rubber Rollers, 1” – 24”

  • Akua, Caligo, Charbonnel and other water-washable Inks & Modifiers

  • Assorted oil-based Inks & Modifiers (Charbonnel, Graphic Chemical, Hanco, Gamblin, etc)

  • Full-size drying racks

  • Inking knives, Intaglio tools, Tarletan, Cheesecloth, Spatulas, Rulers, T-Squares, Blades, Cutting Mats, Scissors, etc.


  • Accu-Glide, 32″x40″ One Man Squeegee Press with squeegee arm, built-in vacuum table and Micro Registration

  • Amerigraph Screen and Plate Exposure Unit, 30”x40”

  • Ryonet 48″ Washpit Backlit Washout Booth/Power Washer

  • LED Light Table, 17″x24″

  • Many Screens, various meshes and sizes, up to 30″ x 40″

  • Vacuum Table, 28”x40”

  • 6 Hinge Tables, 24”x36”

  • Various squeegees, 4”-32”

  • Speedball Permanent Acrylic and Fabric Screen Printing Ink


  • Vandercook Universal I Letterpress

  • Vandercook Galley Letterpress

  • Type-High Foundry and Wood Type, Line and Halftone blocks, Ornaments/Dingbats

  • 13″ x 19″ Boxcar base for photopolymer plates

  • Photopolymer Plate Exposure Unit, 11”x14”

  • Book Press, 18”x12”

  • Book Binding Tools: Bone Folders, Needles, Awls


  • 2lb. Reina Hollander Paper Beater

  • Moulds & Deckles, 4”x6” – 8.5”x11”

  • Large-batch pulp strainers, no-seeum netting

  • Wet-sheet hydraulic Paper Press, 22”x25”

  • Various Vats


  • iMac with full Adobe Design Suite CS6

  • Epson StylusPro 7900, 24” wide, Large Format Digital Inkjet

  • Brother MFC-J6920DW, Tabloid Copy/Scanner/Inkjet

  • Panasonic Workio Copy Machine

  • Digital Projectors