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Combat Paper NJ multi-day workshop at Columbia University

If you are an undergaduate student at Columbia, register here

If you are a Graduate student at Columbia, register here

If you are a local Harlem-based veteran, register here

Combat Paper NJ will be conducting a multi-day papermaking workshop at Columbia University, where veterans and non-veterans will connect and learn how to make paper from military uniforms. Veterans will also be able to share their experiences with other veterans in closed-door workshop sessions, learn how to make paper from uniforms, and print unique images on the newly formed paper to create a finished work of art.

The week kicks off on Wednesday, October 5th with a one-day outdoor papermaking event for veterans, non-veterans, and the general public from 10am - 4pm. Anyone can stop by the table and make paper from uniforms. This event will be held on Dodge Plaza, outside of Dodge Hall at Columbia University. All paper made this day will be made from provided uniforms. Any uniforms brought this day can be used in later workshops.

During following days, registered veterans will continue working on their art in veteran-only, closed-door workshops, in the Komodo Room at the Heyman Center for Humanities at Columbia University. These workshops will run from 10am - 4pm on Thur Oct 6th, Tues Oct 11th, Wed Oct 12th, and Thur Oct 13th. If you cannot attend all of the days listed, then just show up at any time to work on your art. To complete a finished work of art, you will need to commit to at least a couple hours each day. You can use donated uniforms or bring in your own.

The artwork will be completed by October 13th and then displayed in a veteran’s art exhibition on Friday October 14th at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery in Dodge Hall, Columbia University. There will be an opening reception at 6:30pm, and veteran spoken-word performance at 7:00pm.

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