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CREATE/Revive your Artist Statement & Bio

Writing artist statements and bios can be frustrating or daunting at times. It may be difficult to write about your own work in a clear and concise way. In addition, you need to know your audience!

Whether this is your first time writing your artist statement and bio, or you need to update an old one, this workshop is designed to help you understand your audience and effectively describe your work and process. We will also discuss the ins and outs of developing a strong artist bio and how to set it apart from your artist statement. 

In order to help you develop your artist statement and bio as effectively as possible, be sure to bring your most recent statement and bio (if you have one) and work samples (printed out or via access to your website).

This is an interactive workshop for artist professional development, so be prepared to talk about yourself and provide feedback to others!

Instructor:  Christy O'Connor

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