DEADLINE to Submit: september 15, 2019 at Midnight

Exhibition Runs:  october 17, 2019 - november 17, 2019

Theme:  The War on the World

In 1938 “The War of the Worlds”, Orson Welles’ classic radio broadcast of a Martian invasion of New Jersey, created an illusion that panicked the nation. In the year 2019, The War On The World, the ever growing Ecocide of the U.S. military industrial complex is no illusion. The U.S. military is the greatest driver of global climate change in the world, the single largest polluter of the planet.  Through the development, production and testing of weapons and materiel, vast quantities of greenhouse gases are produced, a grim stew of toxic chemicals released, their by-products and waste dumped with impunity on our land and in our water.  There’s been little panic as the American war industry poisons our country first. Then it goes overseas.  Napoleon once said that the boundaries of an empire are marked by the graves of her soldiers.  Our American empire is marked with burn pits, fuel and chemical dumps, unexploded ordnance, abandoned gear,  barbed wire, dilapidated bunkers, burst sandbags and rotting garbage . . . and in these Orwellian times, the U.S. has unleashed weaponry that lingers for the better part of forever.  The dioxins of Agent Orange and the particulates of Depleted Uranium continue to kill, disfigure and contaminate long after the last American soldier has departed. While the U.S. military itself identifies global climate change as real and a critical national security problem, there is no slowing down military spending, production or deployment.  The continuing Ecocide is not a consideration.  Accountability is for another time.

Frontline Paper

Frontline Paper, formerly known as Combat Paper NJ, is a program under the socially engaging arts organization, Frontline Arts. The unique paper created in this program is handmade by Veterans from U.S. military uniforms. A Veteran’s art project since 2011,  we Deconstruct our uniforms into postage stamp-size pieces, Reclaim them as paper using traditional papermaking tools and practices, and Communicate our stories through art. As we have grown, we have partnered with non-veteran groups and artists to share experience and ideas. Information on Frontline Arts is available at Artists interested in working on handmade paper from our Frontline Paper program will find more information here.


  • Open Call for artists nationwide

  • All artwork must be relevant to the theme of ecocide critique and commentary on the pollution of our military

  • All artwork must be the original creation of the artist submitting. Digital reproductions of work previously created in other media will not be accepted.

  • Original work is accepted in all printmaking mediums, also including, but not limited to, papermaking, photography and book arts.  Artists may submit work that has been created partially or completely with digital methods, as long as the image is original and NOT a digital reproduction of an image that already exists in another medium.

  • Two-dimensional artwork may not exceed 48” in any direction, including the mat and frame

  • Three-dimensional artwork may not exceed 36” in any direction. Maximum weight for 3-D artwork is fifty (50) pounds.

  • All artwork must be ready-to-hang with proper hardware attached. Frames for 2-D work are not mandatory but are recommended. Hanging artwork should have eyehooks and wire if framed; unframed artwork should have all necessary hanging attachments in place at time of drop-off.


  • Artists may submit up to THREE pieces of artwork for consideration

  • Up to THREE total images may be sent for EACH piece of artwork (the artwork as a whole and two details)

  • FREE entry of submissions for Frontline Arts’ current Members. Not a member and want to be? Sign up here!

  • Non-Member Submission Fee of $10 for up to 3 pieces of artwork sent for consideration

  • Payment for Non-Member Submissions is due by the September 15th- Midnight deadline, payable on the Registration page linked below.

  • No entry will be viewed by the curator without proper submission fees by the deadline

  • Images, in JPEG or PNG format, must be digitally submitted with your online registration. Up to THREE total images may be sent for EACH piece of artwork (the artwork as a whole and two detail shots).

  • In the Registration tab (linked down below), you will be asked to submit:

    • Your name, address and phone number

    • Title, Date, Medium, Dimensions

    • Sale Price or Not For Sale (NFS)

      • If NFS, you must include the artwork’s value for the insurance policy

    • 3-5 sentences on how your piece relates to the theme of the exhibition


If accepted into this exhibition, you agree to the terms outlined in these guidelines and agree to sign and date a written contract as part of your acceptance into the exhibition. No artwork will be exhibition without a signed contract.


Frontline Arts reserves the right to photograph, video, and reproduce accepted artwork for the purposes of publicity and documentation of this exhibition for future marketing and promotion of the organization. Artists will be credited for artwork in photographs used in marketing that solely focus on one artwork. The price of your artwork should include a 35% commission to Frontline Arts. All artwork sold will be subject to the commission rate and will incur current NJ sales tax rates.


Artwork will be handled with care.  Frontline Arts will insure accepted work for 65% of the selling price for the duration of the exhibition.  No coverage exists for work in transit or work left at the Gallery beyond the closing of the exhibition.

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the exhibition scope or theme, you can contact Frontline Arts at  or 908-725-2110, or contact the curators at or


Our gallery is located on the second floor, accessible at this time only by stairs located inside of the building.

For our full accessibility information, please visit our webpage here:


September 15 at Midnight        Deadline to Submit

September 24 Selected Artists Notified

October 8 - 12     Artists Drop-off Selected Works

November 3, 2-5pm             Opening Reception

October 17, 2019 - November 17, 2019 Exhibition Dates

November 19 - 23               Artists Pick-up Artwork from Gallery