Frontline Arts invites artists (individuals, collectives, or organizations) to submit a project proposal that works towards community goals, dialogue, increased awareness on social and ecological issues, and actionable steps for communities to engage with the project and respond to the social issue.

Our Connective Think Tank considers support for socially engaged art projects that can collaborate, learn from others, share stories and ideas, encourage public participation, offer 'making' techniques, ensure dialogue, make art, and connect communities.

Approved connective projects will work closely with a project manager to utilize resources from our CATkit (Connective Arts Toolkit), which includes:

  • Administrative and program logistics support
  • Mobile and participatory workshop development
  • Shared Resources
  • Studio space to create
  • Capacity-building workshops
  • Fundraising and grant writing support
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Outreach and marketing opportunities
  • Connective events
  • Data collection and assessment

We also seek to connect the veterans art movement to other socially engaged projects. Many veteran artists and projects have been a catalyst and role model for art-making as community. We intend to link this model to other communities.

Further, we seek to connect communities to each other. Frontline Arts is a hub for socially engaged art activity, whether through specific supportive resources, collaborative projects, participatory opportunities, events and happenings, symposia, cross-sector communications, or guest blog postings.

We engage in both short-term and long-term projects.

Our Community Think Tank is eager to hear about your project and how it connects and builds communities by igniting awareness of critical issues, amplifying marginalized voices.