If you have a multiple-color image, Frontline Arts can now quickly and easily do the file separations for you! Using professional software, we can very easily create separate layers for simple CMYK to complex, trapped spot-color screen prints for both vector and halftone images. We can simply send you back the layered Photoshop or Illustrator files, or print the transparencies with registration marks for you (for an additional fee). Or we could even run the entire print job (see Contract Printing for details)


  • Image should ideally be 300 dpi at actual size, but we can also enhance low-resolution files to a degree

  • Email, bring a flash drive, or send via Dropbox to our Studio Director


Fees are based on each individual job, bur our basic rate for file work is $40/hr. Call or email Mike, our Studio Manager, for more information and a FREE consultation to discuss your project. 

We need 1-2 weeks of turnaround time, so please plan ahead.

50% of the estimate is due upon placing the order, with the remainder of the balance due upon completion of the job.


contact us for details